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Running low on positivity juice March 17, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Depression, Life, Chatter & Politics.

Following my super happy post earlier in the week, I have predictably had a bit of a crash. I am desperately hormonal, craving chocolate, and unhappy for a number of reasons both professionally and personally. Work is going through a tense and difficult phase, whilst at home poor little Muffin is slowly dying from a mammary tumour that I can’t afford to remove. Sitting back to watch my favourite rat die is horrific, and the fact that the world in general seems quite miserable has been enough to tip this girl into a weepy and self-pitying phase.

Don’t get me wrong. Give me a few days and my hormones will level out, and I will be OK. In fact, if the weather keeps being lovely and warm, I will probably bounce right back up to “enthusiastic and happy” again. For now, however, I could really use a hug, and maybe a night of head-banging to RATM, and someone to pat me on the head and feed me chocolate.



1. Selina - March 19, 2011

*pats your head and feeds you chocolate*

2. Jen - March 24, 2011

You gotta love Rage! They’re awesome x

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