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Strange Dreams of Babies and Sunbeams March 20, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dreams.

My dreams are always strange – I prefer it that way, it makes my nights entertaining, so that shut-eye feels less like a blank space in time, and more like a chance to explore fantasy worlds.

That said, some dreams are odder than normal. Recently my dreams of adventures and explorations, of zombies and creatures of the night, have been replaced by recurring dreams about something far stranger, far more surreal.

More specifically, I have been dreaming about becoming a mother. Sometimes the dreams involve the birth, other times they don’;t, and instead I am left holding a child with no knowledge of where it came from – but an absolute certainty that it is mine. In all of these dreams, I am an appalling mother. In the most recent I left the child at home whilst I took a vacation to see my parents, and whilst the dream ended with me missing said unnamed baby passionately, it didn’t change the fact that I left it, newborn alone and unloved.

These dreams? They are disturbing, not only because the idea of one day being an appalling mother is terrifying, but because I can’t explain why I am dreaming like this. What has started these strange stories worming their way into my subconscious?



1. Louise - March 20, 2011

Dreams are strange things, I had a dream that me and hubby went to view this massive house to buy lastnight, but it was badly haunted and one room in particular I couldn’t go into unless I was holding a cross… so y’know, who knows what’s going on in the old subconscious.

2. Sharon - March 21, 2011

I had a friend call me today, she told me about her dreams and in each one she is holding balloons. This has been occurring for a few days so she went to Google and looked for the meaning. She told me but, I forgot.

I told her that I believe dreams reflect the thoughts, worries, or stress we have been feeling or under and that concentrating on the first dream so much caused the 2,3 and 4th dream.

Then again, maybe there is more meaning behind dreams, I really am not sure.

Whatever you do, do not let a dream have you believing you will be an unfit mother.

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