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RIP Little Ratty Muffin March 30, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Family.


Muffin the rat

She's on the left... the fatty ratty!

Just had the poor little lamb put down, held her in my arms as she slipped away to meet the Death of Rats (don’t know what I’m on about? Read Pratchett…). She was a wonderful little thing, sweet and funny and affectionate, and I will really miss her. Even the presence of incredibly beautiful vet man didn’t stop me from shedding tears and making incredibly tasteless jokes to take the pressure off!

Now, because I appear to be unable to stop crying, and because I really want a hug, I am instead going to take myself for a walk and then buy myself some Ben  & Jerry’s. Needs must.

As for Muffin, I have just one last thing to say…





1. Amber - March 30, 2011

So sorry, sweetheart, that must have been such a hard thing to do: I would give you a big hug if I possibly could!

2. Roisin - March 30, 2011

Poor little ratty, and poor little Lauren. I’ve got a big old cuddle for you the next time I see you xx

3. Jen - March 30, 2011

You did her a kindness. I know that is little consolation now, but you definitely deserve hugs and ice cream x

4. Selina - March 31, 2011

We used to have ratties, and we loved them to bits – they are such adorable pets. Big hugs my love.

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