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I’m through to a shortlist April 22, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Books, Wordy Business.

Apologies – I appear to be trying to force you guys to vote for me in endless competitions. There is the Orient Express competition, and now there is this.

Still, I think this is more exciting. I recently read my first copy of Stylist Magazine, and I was pretty impressed. It was lightweight and easy-going, yet the writing had a strong undercurrent of intelligence – even the lightest bubbliest articles were bright and sparky to read. I knew, from the moment I enjoyed it so, that ideally I would love to write for them.

As such, I put an entry into their culture critic competition. You had to write a 100 word (a very small amount!) review of your favourite book by a female author. This is harder than it sounds – how I managed to choose between such a vast array of seminal pieces (The Color Purple, The Yellow Wallpaper and Tipping the Velvet all spring to mind) and settle on Prozac Nation I don’t know. However, I soon found myself entering a little spiel – and now we are where we are today.

You see, I am in the top 10. In the shortlist! And next week the Stylist experts are going to combine their opinions with those of the people who voted for their favourites, to announce their new culture critic. As such, if you fancied following the link and sending an email voting for the Prozac Nation review, then I would be most grateful!

Click the image to go through to the shortlist!


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