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What will be will be. May 23, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics.

I dropped a bowl today. It slid from the edge of the shelf, and before I could catch it it had shattered on the floor. Most of the pieces I could gather, collecting them together into a semblance of the bowl they had once been. Still, there was plenty I couldn’t. Tiny broken shards, slithers of paint and china, crumbling fragments so small they fell to mere atoms beneath my grasping fingertips.

Do you know what I realised today? Though I sometimes feel it, I am not broken. In fact, I am completely, totally, wonderfully whole. In myself I am happy, on myself I can truly depend. My flaws, my indulgences, my reckless belief that life will work out in the end – all of them are things others should be happy to embrace. Sometimes things come along that have the potential to be fabulous, but that they don’t work out isn’t my fault. The fragility of others is not a shattered reflection in the mirror, just something to be accepted, regretted, and walked away from without a backwards glance.

In short, what will be will be.


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