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Little Miss Contradictory July 18, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Uncategorized.

I often wonder what the people who read my blog think about me. Do you assume, because of all the morose posts, that in real life I do nothing but whine and sob? (Not true by the way, although I’ll always have a penchant for the odd cerebral wobble, mainly kept to myself). Perhaps you’ll assume I’m relative capable of forming a coherent sentence, what with all the writing. (Also not true by the way, I can often be found wordless and mumbling insanely in a corner).

I feel that when I write this blog, I categorise myself. This day I’m trying to be witty, this day I’m being endearing. This day I’m kind of bright, this day I’m down in the dumps. This day I’m more than a little bit thick, and this day I’m a geek to the nth degree. Is there any sort of consistent and reliable me that is the same day to day, or am I really a bunch of contradictions and mysteries?

The answer? Probably not?! I’m weird, and wonderful, and made up of some many odd little bits and pieces that I can be anything from day to day. I can feel a little too much, I can be terrified, I can cry and laugh. I can be stupid and clever. I love it.



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