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What I Wore | Feeling Grecian June 28, 2011

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What I Wore Outfit Shot Grecian Vintage Dress

Feeling all Grecian today!

I thought today’s outfit deserved an outfit shot. Last time I wore this dress it was by Christmas do at work, but I decided this morning that through sheer determination I was going to make it work as daywear. The result was actually quite day appropriate thanks to my trusty platforms, and the addition of a casual tapestry belt. It worked with the tan too, the product of a weekend well spent!

Dress: Vintage
Leopard print slip: Vintage
Platforms: Topshop
Belt: Vintage

Childhood Friends June 2, 2011

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One of the advantages of living in a small and relatively quiet neighbourhood is the fact that, as of yet, we haven’t descended into a fug of anonymity. My local corner shop recognises me, people smile at each other in the mornings, and children still play in the streets. Just the other day I was lucky enough to witness a group of 10 years olds clambering through the hedges collecting “pet” snails, and this evening I sat reading my book in the rec ground as a small crew of young teenagers played a little kick around.

The presence of children playing is, of course, absolutely lovely. However, what struck me in particular was that the budding footballers were made up of a team of brothers, and of a third boy who wandered over during play. He didn’t know them, just saw the game and came to join in. There wasn’t a hint of worry or shyness, he just started in, introducing himself as he went. Unhindered by the restrictions we feel when we are “grown up”, he just went out there and made friends without blinking.

As a child, I didn’t have that courage. In social situations, although I did generally make friends, I needed prompting. I was awkward and unfamiliar, standing quietly observing on the outside of a group before getting involved. I wasn’t crippled by shyness, but it certainly put up a barrier, a division that I had to try to breach quite consciously. A deep dive into my imagination could blow the barriers away like dandelion seeds on a breeze, but otherwise I had to consciously force myself away from inaction.

In many ways I still feel like that absent individual, standing on the sidelines trying to work out how to fall in. A room full of unfamiliar faces can, for a brief moment, cripple me. The difference is that as time has passed, as I have grown and changed and come to like myself, the move to dissipate the fear happens faster.  I smile at someone, or make a joke, or comment on something they are doing. Sometimes, in unfriendly situations, I can feel myself tagging onto people who are “nice”, scanning the room but always choosing to come back to that friendly face. I am chatty, I network, I am brave. In my head I may question whether I am left out, whether people even like me, but on the outside I am the friendly gibbery one who will chat to strangers and start conversations. A shy girl in an un-shy body.But still, watching those children, it is amazing how free they are. Innocent, unassuming, unhindered by the assumption that the person they are speaking to, playing with, won’t let them join in.

Pink legs!

Anyway, totally unconnected, an outfit shot from yesterday. Pale pink tights aren’t great if you want to have “thin” thighs, but they are fun for feeling like a princess – or as Cie said, like Alice in Wonderland! I also seem to be having trouble finding a decent face too, so you’ll have to settle for slightly awkward poses – but I wanted to share the dress nonetheless.

What I Wore | Lace & Knee High Socks April 28, 2011

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what I wore lace dress and knee high socks

I think it is safe to say that despite the fact I loved this outfit, it was not a success. The first verdict of my (always lovely) work colleagues was that I looked like one of the characters from Tekken. Hmm, not good. The second piece of feedback, this time from my boss? Was that I looked like I should be a librarian in a porn film. Again, not good.

Oh well, turns out the world isn’t ready for glasses and knee-high socks yet.

What I Wore | Vintage Apple Print Dress & Bright Spring Yellowu April 7, 2011

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What I Wore Vintage Apple Print Dress
Sorry about the pose, and the nobbly knees!

I felt quite chuffed with my outfit today so thought I would share it with you guys. Most of my posts seem to be images and very little writing at the moment, so why change things?! Anyway, this was a homage to our new spring/summer – long may this mini “heat”wave carry on!

Dress: Vintage
Heels: Nine West
Belt: Vintage

Spring, Strolls and Summer Dresses March 13, 2011

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The First Buds of Spring

The First Buds of Spring

Winter can be a long and difficult time. The deep cold nights lead into days that slip by in a dull and dismal blink, the chill bites into your bones and lingers in your veins. Chores that would be easy in the light of a summer afternoon become a tiresome drudgery. We fight through the season year after year, but come March the desire for spring and sunshine never fails to dominate our thoughts.

It is with some relief, therefore, to finally witness the true arrival of spring. Not just the gradual arrival of watery light before and after work, or even the bobbing heads of snowdrops, but real signs that mean it is finally here.

Sunshine that warms as well as illuminates. Gambolling lambs. Swathes of daffodils and primroses dappled in shadow, tree boughs heavy with fragrant blossom. The arrival of beautifully delicate buds, green folds unfurling like butterfly’s wings fresh from the chrysalis. Life suddenly bursting from ground that before seemed dull and dead.

This weekend has seen such a transformation. It has been warm, and blisteringly sunny, the perfect weather for strolls around town, and even for ice creams in the park. The sunlight has shocked the trees into action, and seemingly from nowhere the season has switched, and plants seem desperate to put forth flowers and leaves. Bees have been buzzing from bouquet to bouquet, and families have been playing football in the park.

I sat on a bench today, scribbling this post down, and taking photos to chronicle the arrival of a new juncture. I also immersed myself in a little book of Thomas Hardy poems, and watched the play and chatter of the people who strolled around the gardens. Yesterday, having drifted around town, I posted the most over-the-top status on Facebook, so saturated was I by the magic that has been in the air this weekend:

Can I randomly say something? Life is amazing. I all too often forget, but as I wandered around town today, in the sunshine and nothing more glamorous than my own company, it all came rushing back to me. Life? Life is damn good, and I’m so glad I get to enjoy it.

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers Up Close

Up Close!

What I Wore Dressed for Spring

And my spring outfit!

Finally, because I felt so happy with what I wore, a little outfit shot. My new favourite hold-ups from Jonathan Aston, and a cute little navy summer dress that I picked up in a charity shop. Which, for the benefit of all those who know how important this is, has pockets. I felt spring like and glamorous, and it was so nice to be able to get the sunglasses out!

Tattooified! February 5, 2011

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My new tattoo of a treble clef art deco style


Sorry about the over-show of thigh guys, but I had to share my new tattoo with you! Isn’t it perty?! It doesn’t even hurt, and although it is apparently like to sting when washed it hasn’t so far – maybe my Wolverine-like powers of healing are proving themselves useful yet again!

As for what it felt like to get a tattoo, well I used a numbing cream and so didn’t even vaguely feel the outline. Once that had worn off and the feeling was coning back, during the filling in section, it did begin to hurt. The feeling it most was like, to draw a comparison, was the feeling of using an epilator, not nice but not really nasty either. Some bits did hurt a lot, but in general it was easily managed. I wouldn’t be that scared of having one again, although I definitely think a numbing cream is worth using as it makes such a difference! Also, when the pain does come it appears slowly, giving your body a chance ot get used to it!

What I Wore | Underwear-As-Outerwear February 3, 2011

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What I wore underwear as outerwear

Is that a nighty?

Just a little outfit shot for you today guys, because for once I was happy with what I wore! Yay! I felt quite sexy, a rarity!

Finally! Drawing Dressember to a close January 14, 2011

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Dressember Day 31
Day 31
Dressember Day 31
Close up!


Well, it took me bloody long enough, didn’t it! These are the long-awaited photos from New Years Eve, and they are the last dress worn on the Dressember challenge. In total I wore a dress on each and every one of the 31 days, and I only repeated one dress. Pretty good stats.

I have also managed to raise £100 for Depression Alliance, which I think is a pretty good sum. I am leaving the page until February though, so if you want to give a donation then feel free! My target was £150, so let’s see if we can get there.

Anyway, it was a cold month, full of windy skirts and trembling knees – but all for a very good cause. I was certainly ready for the jeans when the time came though!

Dressember Days 28, 29 & 30 January 6, 2011

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In my defence, I am currently ill. I have been ever since I arrived home on Sunday, and the urge to write blog posts has somewhat disappeared. However, I know I need to finish my Dressember writing, and until I post these images I am not even close!

I double up outfits on days 28 and 29, simply changing the jumper. I was down in Devon, and my stock of dresses had pretty much run out. As a result, you get a very bad photo of me, and can use you imagination of the 29th!

The 30th was my travelling outfit, as I was doing the long and tiring journey from Plymouth up to the lakes.I was good and still wore a dress, but I made it train appropriate with many layers, cozy jumpers and sensible boots. Without these boots I doubt I could have survived Dressember, especially during all that snow. Anyway, this is the best photo, so just ignore the other one…

Dressember Day 30 What I Wore

Day 30

Dressember Day 28 & 29 What I Wore

Day 28 (& 29 too!)

Dressember Days 25, 26 and 27! A catch up! December 27, 2010

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Around Christmas all I want to do is avoid the internet. Despite my dependence on the net year round, Christmas is a time to be with family, and for me that means technologically isolating myself in a sea of wrapping paper, card games and grossly large meals. However, it seemed worth popping online to show you my three missing days of Dressembering!

Dressember Day 25 What I Wore Long Sequined Maxi Dress

Day 25

Christmas day I felt like dressing up, and so out came a dress that I was gifted by the ever lovely Roisin. It fits beautifully (and makes my boobs look humongous, a rare feat indeed!), and I kept the rest of the outfit simple with tights to keep my legs warm. As I didn’t leave the house, I didn’t need any shoes!!

Dressember Day 26 What I Wore Long Black and White Lace Dress Vintage

Day 26

Day 26 was, it seems, a day for posing. Then again, I have seemed to have spent most of this Christmas relatively trollied (my parents poured me Sloe gin in wine glasses, for god’s sake!), and so the acting silly may have something to do with that! I love this dress though, although not as much when I put a jumper under it, which was what I did when I braved the OUTSIDE WORLD for an hour or so. In order to avoid more unsatisfactory outfits, I shall simply have to stay indoors for the rest of winter!

Dressember Day 27 What I Wore Seasonal Vintage Dress
Day 27

And finally, today, when we travelled up to the salubrious parish of Weston-Super-Mare to take the grandmother out for her mini-christmas. She insisted on staying up there rather than coming round for Christmas, so we had to make up for it somehow. After tottering around the icy pavements in my least sensible shoes (well, we were only walking about 10 metres!), I filled up on vast amounts fo food, and now am resigned to the sofa in disgrace over my greed. The perfect end to a Christmassy day! As for the outfit, I was cheery, sparkly, and downright seasonal!