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Food Porn February 21, 2011

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The image does the talking. Ree Drummond, author of Pioneer Woman, is giving away complete and utter kitchen implement porn. Me wanty.

Limited Edition Floral Yellow KitchenAid


Clothing @ Tesco competition May 12, 2010

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The lovely Natasha over at Natasha Bailie Vintage Clothing is running a competition to see who can make the best outfit for £30 from Clothing at Tesco. It is a fun challenge, and I would, obviously, very much like winning the £30 prize!

My entry:

Clothing at tesco polyvore entry

Clothing at Tesco Entry

Easy-going, summery and work appropriate, I now really want to own these clothes!

Reebok Competition – THE WINNER! March 15, 2010

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And with no further ado, the winner of the Reebok competition is…

The Lovely Carys!

I will email you later my dear with how to get your freebies!

Getting Fit: Giveaway March 11, 2010

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Recently I was contacted by Reebok, to see if I wanted to take part in a trial of their EasyTone trainers. In return I was to published an unshaded review on my blog and take part in their online review community. This seemed a pretty fair exchange, and I need to get fit anyway, so I of course said Yes Yes Yes! I will be taking part as soon as their community site goes live, and am quite looking forward to a fair of trainers that will support my feet!

 They have also offered a pair of shoes and training kit to a reader of my blog, if they too want to get involved in the testing community that they are building. You don’t have to do anything other trial them and report back your thoughts, views and opinions.

If you want to win these trainers and take part in this trial then all you have to do is leave a comment saying why you want to get fit! Also leave a way that I can get in contact with you so I can let you know if you win!

Closing date 15th March 2010

Book Giveaway: Winner! November 15, 2009

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The time has come to announce the winner of my Sloe Gin and Beeswax giveaway!


New Picture (6)

The winner is no. 3 –  Róisín Muldoon

Congratulations! Let me know your address and I will send it out to you!

So What’s New | Fine and Dandy August 19, 2009

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Time for the third installment of So What’s New! I am quite excited about the answers that the lovely Matt from Fine and Dandy is going to give, as he brings something new to my blog. The thing is, you see, that I have never really talked that much about men’s fashion. Due to the constraints of my gender, it rarely crosses my mind to thinks about dapper boys, sexy shirts and beautiful men’s shows – instead, the selfish side of my personality prefers to think about dresses, skirts and unbelievable high heels! This men’s fashion shop, however, is something a little bit special. I was converted the moment I went onto the site and saw the categories of beautiful clothes  with a whole section just for bow ties. This up and coming shop is definitely a great supplier of dapper and vintage inspired men’s clothes, a rare resource!

tartan dapper bow tie

So – onto the questions!

Me: The obvious question – how did you get into designing?

Actually I’m not a designer.  I buy the best items I can find for my shop; items I would wear or use.  I come from a Broadway theatre management background but for many years I’ve fantasized about opening up my own menswear storefront shop.  Given the expense of NYC, its hasn’t been an economic possibility.  About a year and a half ago I had the idea to give it a try online.  We launched on October 31, 2008, just in time for holiday shopping.

Me: Did you ever expect the success you have ended up having?

The response has been great.  I think the timing of our launch was wise. We heard from many desperate shoppers who were ecstatic to find something a little different

luxury tweed cap

Me: What are your inspirations, principles etc? Is there any concept your designs are based on?

I’ve always loved everything vintage.  I buy tons of vintage photos on ebay of guys from around the turn of the century.  It’ fascinating to see how guys dressed back then.  Wow, have times changed.  I loved the idea of be INFLUENCED by those early styles, but making it my own and very current.

Me: Aspirations for the future?

We have a lot of things in the works.  We’re shooting a lookbook next month for our new collection.  We hope to have a pop-up shop for the holidays.  And some day we hope to open that storefront shop.

Me: Who are your favourite designers?

Antonio Azzuolo, Philip Sparks, Hacket.  All three are dandy to some degree

So there you have it guys – Fine and Dandyfor dapper boys! And, as always, I have managed to get you a lovely discount code to use at the till, for orders over $50 – just enter “ATYPICAL” at any time through September! Exciting eh?!

So What’s New? Every Little Counts August 11, 2009

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wild at heart hoodieHi Guys. The time has come for the second instalment of So What’s New, a weekly report featuring upcoming designers, artists and fashion gurus, each with a little individual something to give to the world.

This weeks featured artist is the lovely Amy from Every Little Counts. This gals company produces T-shirts that are in turns inspiring/romantic and just a little bit silly. I am impressed by how there is something for everyone, this is like a whimsical version of threadless! So here are the standard “So What’s New” questions that will reveal to you just what the up-and-coming brand is really all about!

Me: The obvious question – how did you get into designing?

I knew from a very young age I wanted to be a designer. It was a combined interest in costume design and a love for vintage clothing. My mom and I would spend our weekends going to yard sales or watching old movies- Charade, How to Marry a Millionaire, and Pillow Talk…just to name a few of our favorites. I was so inspired that I would just sketch for hours and hours afterward. That’s where it all began.

Me: Did you ever expect the success you have ended up having?

When we started Every Little Counts, I had been working for a number of companies, designing clothing that I was never 100 percent inspired by. When we decided to start our own company, we did so because we wanted to do something we could stand behind, and something that allowed us to indulge our influences and inspirations. Now that we’vedone that, the greatest feeling in the world is hearing positive feedback from customers- or seeing those same customers come back season after season. Its extremely validating to know our strange little assortment of interests strikes a chord with our audience.


Me: What are your inspirations, principles etc? Is there any concept your designs are based on?

Our overall concept is based on the nostalgia and sentiment centered around young love. We make clothes for romantic girls, girls who daydream, fantasize, and fall in love. But this same girl also sees the irony, fun, and craziness of it all.

All of our inspirations are centered around this concept of a girl that loves to love- French New Wave, Anais Nin, PJ Harvey, 80’s rock ballads, old photographs, the soft, natural sensuality of the 70’s, pretty much anything that triggers an emotional reaction…

Me: Aspirations for the future?

We’ve got a lot up our sleeves – men’s, intimates, ready-to-wear, as well as a soundtrack (by Adam, who wrote the song on our homepage) and artwork to fill out the Every Little Counts feel. All are coming soon. Stay tuned and keep up with us on the blog! http://www.every-little-counts.blogspot.com

pink tshirt

Me: Who are your favourite designers?

I admire from a distance… Lanvin, Lorick, Lover, Chloe, YSL, and Tibi. But if I am actually shopping- it stick to the reliable and affordable- Urban Outfitters and my favorite vintage haunts.

Click the link above to see the strangely haunting pieces in the Every Little Counts collection, and read here if you fancy hearing beautiful quotes and more at their blog. I am sold as much on this brands identity, inspirations and heart warming concept as much as I am by the clothes! As usual, I have grabbed you a bargain, my wonderful readers – type in “atypical” at the checkout to receive a 15% discount!

So What’s New? Designers, Ideas and more August 3, 2009

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alexandracipparone[1]Hi Everyone, and welcome to the first installation for my new weekly feature, “So What’s New”. For this  piece I hope to introduce you all to a new and exciting designer/company/idea, showing you some of their products, designs and inspirations.


For my first installment I was lucky enough to be approached by Alexandra Cipparone, the founder of wonderful clothing line ALEX&RA. Many of you will have already come across this girls wonderful work on Etsy, where she sells her lovely clothing to delighted customers from around the world. She is now launching her own specific Internet shop, and I though this would be a great opportunity to ask her a few questions!

Me: So – how did you get into designing?

I found my love for fashion design in high school. My oldest sister Noel took a sewing class and I signed up just to be like her. Turns out I was actually really good at it! I ended up being the girl who cut up club t-shirts and made them into cute tube tops and off-the-shoulder tops. I’d even embellish them with all sorts of gems. I guess I just saw them as blank canvases and used my creativity to stand out from the rest.

Me: Did you ever expect the success you have ended up having?

I never thought that I would be at this point! I started this line as a way to kill time between jobs and after just a few weeks came to the realization that this is all I ever want to do. It’s turned into a great experience. In just a short amount of time I have learned so much about design, selling, customer service, and branding.. and I love it all! It is a lot of hard work, but at the end of the day, I am just so honored by the support I’ve received from fans and customers. They really keep me going! Now I’m excited about the future and planning my next moves. I want to take this brand really far and I think it’s off to a great start.


Me: What are your inspirations, principles etc? Is there any concept your designs are based on?

The main concept behind my line is to highlight the beautiful city of San Francisco. Everything about this city inspires me. I love feeling like a tourist in my own town.. constantly looking up at the beautiful buildings, feeling dwarfed by its majestic bridges, and taking in the incredible amount of diversity of each of its neighborhoods. Even a short stroll around the block gives me so many ideas. Besides that, I am also influenced by art, vintage finds, and unique fabrics. I think my designs are so different because I don’t surround myself with the usual sources of inspiration. I want to build a unique brand that sets girls apart from each other – not just another brand with just another skirt. My customers deserve something better.


Me: And your aspirations for the future?

It takes so much to build a business that it’s daunting to look into the future! Of course I want the brand to grow and expand. Ideally I would see the line being sold in high-end boutiques and exclusive online shops but I still want to maintain the handmade aspect of the work I do. It’s important for me to have a personal touch and a custom fit. That definitely won’t change. In the immediate future, I plan on launching a new collection at the end of August (to coincide with my launch party in San Francisco) and a line of bridesmaids dresses by the end of the year. I have a lot of aspirations for this line – I just have to find  the time to do it all!


Me: Finally, who are your favourite designers?

My favorite designer, by far, has to be Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni.Her work is absolutely phenomenal to look at. She focuses her designs on the construction of each piece. Every item is made in the most innovative of ways. It’s unconventional but brilliant. This excites me as a patternmaker because I value sculptural, wearable clothing. I look for thought in the clothes I buy. I want to wear clothes that push boundaries of fabric and sewing. To me, that is what fashion is about and that is what I hope to eventually achieve with ALEX&RA

Check out Alex’s work online at her new website, and see what you think of the cute clothing on there. I have even managed to wangle you a 10% discount – simply mention this article at the checkout and she will refund you the value!

Ooh, a giveaway May 29, 2009

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I thought you guys might appreciate this lovely giveaway…

Giveaway – Vintage makeup case – END MAY 2009 April 20, 2009

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Well, it’s my first ever giveaway. It’s not a publicity stunt, although I am aware how many people (myself included, occasionally) google search “blog  giveaways”. It’s actually the case that I found a beautiful item at my local car boot sale, and simply couldn’t leave it behind. The problem is, I have no display space, so had to justify it to myself very hard! My final argument? If I buy it and give it away, I know someone with a penchant for pretty vintage items and with somewhere for it to go will have it!

vintage yardley makeup

yardely vintage makeup label

The item: A beautiful pale pink and white vintage make up tub from Yardley, originally a pale pink makeup base/foundation. The tub measure approx 7cm in diameter, and can be reused a cute blush pot or with top up foundations. If this is the case you will  need to clean it, as it has traces of the original makeup inside!

As you can see, the front of this lovely box has a raised bee, and is labeled Yardley London. Soo cute and very kitsch! The back still has the original instructions for applying the makeup!

I can’t work out if this beauty is Bakelite? It feels it, but to be honest it could be any type of vintage plastic.

An interesting item to convert into a working makeup pot – with the addition of a cheap compact mirror and a foundation top-up this could be reused!

Itf you want a chance of winning this item, leave me a comment – and it would be nice to know where/what you plan to do with it! Make sure to leave your email, or a link to your blog, otherwise I won’t be able to find you!

UPDATE: This competition is now closed – no more entries please 🙂