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1930’s makeup September 6, 2009

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I had a try yesterday at creating some lovely 1930’s makeup for the upcoming do. The lip bows need to be nice and exaggerated, whilst the eyes should be dark and smokey, and generally eyeliner free. What do you think of the attempt?! Oh, and this is less dramatic than for a night out – and I am pretty sure they didn’t wear gloss like I did, but hey!

1930's makeup attempt

Any tips, let me know – all feedback appreciated!


Dresden Dolls | Work the Dreamy Rock Chick look May 26, 2009

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When I was at uni I was introduced to The Dresden Dolls. The pair produce “Brechtian punk cabaret”, loud and dark music with a huge sense of irony. Check them out, they are great and more than a little bit amusing!

dresden dolls

Taking concepts such as robots and politics, this dynamic duo invert them, putting the ideas smack bang upside down on their pretty little heads. As an internal activist at uni (by which I mean I thought loudly about the state of affairs, but was rarely a good enough person to do anything about it), this music really was a vent, a chance to look at the world through quirky coloured glasses.

This band have a very distinctive personal style – lots of rock/punk chic combined with geisha style makeup and Alice in Wonderland wild dresses/suits. All in all, they look fabulous and over the top!

dresden dolls website

If you want to work the “Dresden” look, then here is how to do it!

For him:

Vintage or reproduction is the way to go for this suave but individual men’s look. Pick a theme and stick with it throughout the outfit, whether it is mints/greys as above, or an unusual take on the classic tux.

mens tuxedo shirt

Start with this brilliant ruffled tuxedo shirt – the detailing is great. Accompany this classic shirt with a vintage pinstripe suit, like this one in a classic indie grey fabric.

classic vintage pinstripe suit

The shoes are the pivotal part of the outfit for guys – think dramatic flair and more than a little bit of wonderful weirdness! These two choice are perfect – first up is Irregular choice with the slightly subtle option – but with wild and noticeable soles. Red or Dead are the second choice, with a healthy dose of shoe bling!

red or dead mens shoesirregular choice mens shoes

The look? Smart and preppie, but with a certain amount of individuality and vintage vibe. Of course the key is a brilliant bowler and lots of makeup. I don’t juts mean a swipe of indie eyeliner, but the whole shebang. Pales cheeks, dark eyes, and sultry plum lips. Strangely attractive, and all the More so if you are blessed with beautiful cheekbones.

For her:

As you haveprobably noticed, Amanda has a very distinctive style. Firstly I need to let you know that this makeup is not for the fainthearted. You need to go all out with very pale skin, dark eyes and tiny lips. White over your lips and reinvent them with tiny bud like decorations- a little lip brush will serve this purpose perfectly.

geisha face

Once you’ve perfected the face, you need to get the look. Think retro/vintage items that ooze girliness, but then team them with messy hairstyles and coloured tights. Striped ones are even better!

Try this stunning brown dress if you want to keep the outfit neutral- just be sure to dress it up with big hair and stunning shoes. Alternatively go the whole way with this springtime dress from Vivien of Holloway – it gives the perfect girly vibe but with added zing. It also has tons of potential for being turned into a rock chic statement.

Brown dress vintagevivien holloway dress

 The tights clinch the deal for this outfit (particularly so since Amanda is known for her minimal accessorising). Try the typical striped pair with these luxury knee high socks, or go for softer sexier ruffles with this unusual and stunning pair. Team with simple black Mary Jane’s or a coordinating shoe, and the outfit should be complete!

striped knee high socksruffle seamed tights

 And there you have it! How to get the look of a punk chick and a decadent indie lad – all with extensive makeup, and stunning clothes! Go forth, and rock!

Golden Summer Eyes May 18, 2009

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Went to a great Bell X1 gig last night – it was fantastic! I shall write a full post on it tomorrow!

Today, however, I thought I’d try my hand at a beauty post – because for once I was actually happy with how my makeup turned out! Makeup to me is something completely optional. I don’t always wear it – in fact, today I wore no makeupat all – just bare moisturised skin. Yesterday, however, I decided to have fun – and the art of makeup is one way to do that! Cie wrote a great poston the position of makeup as not just something to please men, but something that women use to give themselves enjoyment and satisfaction.

So (excusing my big nose that always looks bigger in photo) – here is how to get the light look:

Light makeup beauty tutorial

  1. Create a decent base – for this I use a light foundation (everything I use is no.7, mainly because they have great freebies!) which I apply with Bodyshop brush  these brushes are soo soft it’s lovely! I follow up the foundation with a light concealer under my eyes.
  2. To apply the makeup, I began my lining the inside of my upper eyelids with black eyeliner. If you are paler, use a brown shape. This defines your eyes, making them appear wider and with thick luxurious lashes.
  3. I next lined above my lashes in a gold line. I use a liquid liner swept across the whole lid – this line can be quite thick, just make sure to blend it in slightly if it is really wide.
  4. Once the liquid liner is dry, work a light gold/brown shade over the lid. If you have deep-set eyes, add a small touch of light shadow just under your brows.
  5. Add a touch of dark brown and charcol shadow at the outside corner of your eye, blend this in well.
  6. Finally, apply eye liner to the top, and if you are careful, to the bottom. And voila – you shoudl have light, bright eyes.

This is a look that I hope to wear on holiday. Whilst I normally wear barely anything on holiday, it’s a different matter on the hot heavy nights! Lovely!



Sparkles April 5, 2009

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Being inspired by the lovely pictures on one of my favourite blogs, I decided to have a little play around with glitter and do some pretty makeup!

I was going glitter heavy, with over-the-top lips and plenty of colour. What do you think?

glittery eye makeup

glittery eyes

I love glittery fancy make-up, but I don’t like the aftermath – having to deal with muchos glitter in my eyes, and plentiful glitter induced tears!

Holidays are coming… March 19, 2009

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… well, summer is at least! Yesterday I smelt pollen in the air, and was warm as I walked across the car park at work. I wanted to be outside, dining on champagne afternoon tea and lounging on elegant candy striped sun loungers. Of course, whilst warm, it wasn’t really sunbathing champagne drinking weather – but a girl can dream! Today was just the same – once the mist burnt off it revealed a stunner of a day – all endless blue skies and fresh buds shooting upwards. I walked the long way home with Ben – winding through quaint little streets – and discovering a part of leamington I never knew existed before. It was lovely with pretty terraced houses and plenty of Green leafy places to hang out in.

Now we’re home, I felt like experimenting with my wig – so now you can all see me with long hair. I don’t know why but sometimes it really looks like a wig – other times it looks au natural. Judge for yourself!

Hot hair wig

Other than wigs, I have spent the last few days trying to work out a location for a daily outfit shot! The problem is I need to take the photo myself (Ben’s hands shake) – and the light in my house tends to make me look totally not dead. Not just a little bit dead, you understand, but completely utterly dead! One stage away from decomposition, hehe. This is the best photo I’ve been able to get – my outfit from two days ago!

Daily outfit shot

Shoes: Qube, Skirt: ASOS, Top: M+S