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Because the Apocalypse Doesn’t Have to be Lonely! October 8, 2010

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Marketing can be a clever business. OK, so a lot of it seems to be the same boring old sales messages and the same dull adverts for toilet paper, all of which much for some reason must feature a cute cuddly animal. I can online assume this is because marketers know that people really wish to wipe their bottoms with koalas. Of course.

Anyway, I digress. My point is that sometimes there some a promotion or a guerilla marketing campaign that makes me smile, and which completely bowls me over. This is one such example…

Let me introduce ZombieHarmony – Because the Apocalypse Doesn’t Have to be Lonely!

Zombie Harmony

This is a fabulous site, created by the people behind the Mingle2 free online dating site. It is as it says – a dating site for Zombies. So, who will tickle your fancy? Will it be Lonely Bill, a zombie with “one eye, half a torso, and a whole lot of heart?”, or perhaps HungryBarbara, who loves hanging out in dimly lit stairwells?

Marketing Genius, I tell ye!

Technology & Fashion | Writing for HP October 5, 2010

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I have recently been getting involved in some writing with Hewlett Packard, about the relationship between fashion and technology. It is actually just the sort of geeky topic that gets my creative juices flowing, and I really enjoyed writing my most recent article. So, I though I would share my ramblings with you, to see what you think…

When it comes to thinking about what technology will achieve in the future, you are quite at liberty to let you imagination run riot. After all, just a few short years ago it was totally inconceivable to image that man would walk on the moon, or that people would be able to do calculations on their phones. Don’t even get me started on the wonders of smart phones, life-changing laptops and the advances in transport. Humanity has flown in planes that caused a sonic boom (hello, Concorde), driven cars that combine the ultimate speed with the ultimate luxury (the ever-amazing Bugatti Veyron), and developed bombs that have terrifying power. Letting yourself get carried away when thinking about the future, is probably the only way that you can get your head around the potential!

There are some technologies that I cannot wait to see related to fashion. Indeed, even the seemingly static industry of makeup is making some massive steps into future technologies, such a gene therapy and colour changing blusher. With these sorts of progressions already in the pipeline, it seems likely that the extremely rich fashion industry with be thinking a few steps ahead for what technology can do for them.

Read on on the HP UK Facebook page.

The Versatile Blogger Award September 23, 2010

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I have been lucky enough to be given an award three times this week – by Kate, Cie and Tina. Thank you girls! Not that you’d ever know that we all knew each other, eh?! Hehe.

There are, of course, rules to go with this lovely award: 1. Thank and link back to the person who gave you the award; 2. Share 7 things about yourself; 3. Pass the award to 15 blogs you enjoy and let them know they’ve been given the award.

Soo, here we go – 7 things about me:

  1. I own about 100 pairs of shoes, and probably around the same number of dresses. Despite this obvious excess, I still have many days when I feel like I have nothing to wear, which is quite impressive really.
  2. Now that I am single I am discovering that I actually quite like my own company. I have even gone to the cinema by myself a few times, although I’m not brave enough to see Resident Evil all on my lonesome. My favourite personal time is to spend an afternoon in the pub, curled up on the sofa with a good book and a glass of rose! Wonderful!
  3. I have two lists of favourite films. One is the respectable list, featuring Fight Club, and American Beauty, and other intellectually stimulating movies. My second list, however, features all the ones I know I shouldn’t like – and is largely dominated by brilliant-yet-crappy action films and zombie movies!
  4. I am a bit of a survivalist at heart – I even wrote an article about it. A little bit of me is always planning for what to do in case of some sort of apocalyptic nightmare happens, and I find it hard to switch it off. One day I will probably end up living in an isolated cave with a tinfoil hat on my head, but never mind!
  5. I am on antidepressants, and currently am starting to wonder if I am perhaps on a slightly too high dosage. After all, I seem so incessantly cheery that I am giggling and joking nearly constantly. It is quite fun, but I will probably have a word with the doctor next time I go!
  6. I am starting to be more brave, because I used to not do a lot of things because they made me nervous. Amongst my new “brave” plans are going to salsa, joining a gym, and travelling on my own – although having just seen Wolf Creek, this won’t be in Australia!
  7. I always have a new project on the go. Sometimes they fall by the wayside due to a complete lack of time, but other times I stick by them. I am fickle you see, and like having lots of things to occupy my time!!

I can’t think of who to pass this on to, so I am going to take a leaf out of Amber’s book – if you want to be tagged, consider it done!

A Prayer To Social Media May 3, 2010

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Our blogging, which is on Google

Hallowed be thy names

Thy bandwidth come, thy will be done

On the web as it is on Facebook

Give us this day our daily Wiki

And forgive us our use of Bebo

As we forgive those who use Flickr against us

For thine is the Twitter, the social media story,

Forever and ever, Amen

Why I Love Twitter February 26, 2010

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Following on from the seriousness of yesterdays post, I thought I would write today about something totally different and a little more lighthearted. Before I do, however, I wanted to a say a real and sincere thank you to all the wonderful people who offered their support and good wishes. I treasure you all.

Now onto the real subject of this post!

People don’t get Twitter. Well, a lot of people don’t anyway. They see it as a peculiar site full of short status updates, a bit like Facebook but without any good bits. They question me on a daily basis as to why I bother with it, and as to why I love it. I thought that maybe for anyone Googling this it wold be a good idea to try and put down in words what it is about this wonderful world that keeps me so enthralled.

When I first heard about Twitter, I wasn’t convinced. I didn’t really understand it, and I couldn’t see why I would put any effort into it. But then, gradually, people I knew and who’s blogs I followed started top use it more and more – so I thought I ould give it a go. I signed up, followed a few people, and sat back to wait for the revelations to roll in.

Needless to say it didn’t happen. I watched a few dull tweets scroll into my feed, and I considered backing out of the idea altogether. It was at this point that it all began to slot into place. The people I followed were posting links to their articles. They were asking questions, to which I was starting to want to respond. I found myself entertained and informed by the tweets. Sure there were some tweets about lunch and other status-y bits and pieces – but this was the stuffing that kept the content sharing and information personal. It reminded me that these were real people out there.

Sharing news and content was an area that I don’t think anyone had really seen Twitter heading towards. But once it started to happen, and its growth became more exponential and exciting, news began to travel fast. Something would happen on one side of the world, and I would instantly know about it on the other side of the ocean. Communities traversed continents, like they do in blogging but so much more immediate. Twitter became invaluable, informative and incredibly useful.

On top of this, I noticed a political side to the wonderful lefties who I followed on this social networking site. The circle of people had grown very naturally through recommendations and blogging communities, and consequently their were a lot of similarly politically minded, passionate and caring people all occupying the same online space. What with the power of news sharing and the general left-wing leanings of the Twitter dynamic I exist in, we soon started to actually be able to make a difference in the real offline world. I wrote a post here about how change and protest had once again become the territory of people who had left their activist days or inclinations long behind, or whom had never discovered them before. For me this was a digital revolution. It was amazing and inspiring.

Nowadays Twitter is a bit of everything. It is a group of friends who I may never meet, who support me and joke with me and who choose to share their news and opinions with me. They are my political equals, a common ground that can create a motivate change – and raise awareness of the little person who wouldn’t otherwise be heard.

I love it – and I think people should give it a chance and stick with the idea.

At the Last Minute… February 19, 2010

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Ahha! An opportunity for a pun! It mustn’t be missed – quick, grab it, don’t let it go. Yep, that’s right, squeeze the life out of it. Kill the pun by talking about it too much. Well done Lauren, well done.

In case you didn’t know and thus don’t get the pun, I spent thursday up in Manchester for a LastMinute.com meeting. I am now one of their new bloggers, starting to write this month, and I am very excited about it! The day was spent networking and attending sessions, and it actually turns out that despite the propensity for puns I am quite god at networking. As I was all alone and knew noone, I decided just to talk to whoever I came across, because otherwise I would be lonely! It worked, and I have hopefully made some really useful blogging and restaurant contacts. We also heard about their latest innovations, marketing, and brilliant social media strategy – they really have it sussed!

The evening was spent at the restaurant week launch party, where we watched 50s style singers and a cooking demonstration (not at the same time!). This meant we got to eat sublime Scallops, Venison and Lemon dessert. Followed, of course, by the actual dinner, a free bar and some more networking – plus very nice people! And a night of free 5* accommodation!

Anyway, I had to wear something smart yet quirky (because well, that is me after all!), and this is what I chose! I did wear a bra with the halterneck which backfired when it got warm in the evening – I had to do an emergency bathroom bra removal before I could take my jacket off! Most unladylike!

Jacket: Warehouse
Dress: eBay
Tights: Primark
Heels: New Look

The kitchen is much better for light isn’t it! I shall stick with this in future I think.

Whilst shopping in Manchester today, on Ben’s credit card as I am out of cash, I ended up buying two pairs of shoes. The first was a pair of Bronx in Barratts that were £20, and they are incredibly comfy – if a little summery!


The second pair wasn’t such a good bargain. In fact, considering how tight I am, they were pretty damn expensive. And ridiculous. But I tried them on as a joke, and then all the women in the aisle at TK Maxx (shoppers, I might add, not salespeople, I am not that much of a pushover!) convinced me to buy then as they look – kind of wicked. They are very Nubby Twiglet esque, and I love them! So,  please don’t mock me and my £70 boots, I promise they look amazing!


A dose of the Nastys November 18, 2009

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I have been quite lucky so far. The blogging and social networking world I have inhabited has been full of wonderful, inspiring people – old friends, new friends, and people I can’t help but read day after day. For some reason, however, I have had my first dose of nastiness in three (yes, three!!) nasty icky comments from three “different” people, all today! Thankfully everyone I know if so nice that it hasn’t got to me, and I thought I would share the absurd spelling, grammar and downright bitchiness with you all. So we can laugh at it, if you wish to!!

Oh – and it is worth noting how Gangsta speak is now the most popular for of insult. Isn’t that wonderful?! And Gangsta speak now encompasses archaic langauge, isn’t that odd?

Comment 1 waxed lyrical as such…

“I do not like your style… Do you ever feel embarrased looking back at your pictures? .. Because I would be .. REALLLY EMBARASSED YE DIG?”

Comment 2 was a little less subtle…

“You are not nice!”

It was good to have this pointed out, because for a while I had got it into my head that maybe (wait for it…) I kind of WAS nice. Gosh, I am please that was cleared up! Aren’t you? Imagine, reading along thinking I was all peachy, when beneath the surface lurked a not so nice hidden me?!

Finally, the trio was neatly topped off with…

“kAAAY LISTEN U LAYDIE YUR so wierd like what kindao fashion do you have im EFOSA, and like kaay like what are you doing.?\ yur so ugly and like the clothes yu wear thyre ugly too like kaaay leave me and my scocial buddies alone D:”

 Aren’t they just nasty?!

First day at work! November 9, 2009

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I have had my first day at work! It was of course daunting and a little scary at first, but I think it went OK! We shall wait and see!

Anyway, I thought I would let you know that the new Dorothy Perkins blog is up and running. I am a contributing writer (isn’t that exciting!!??) and my article will be published in the next few weeks (on the 16th to be specific!). Currently the blog is chatting to girls all over the world about what it means to go out, what makes nights fun, and their little individual routines and foibles that make their night special. It is fascinating seeing what differs around the globe!

If you like Dorothy Perkins ( and like the new blog!) then you might also appreciate this VIP voucher code, for a huge 25% off everything online. The code is DPVIPJ, go enjoy!

Other than that, I am also a new writer for BitchBuzz. If you haven’t seen it before, it is worth checking out, as the gals there are always writing about bright and edgy things with a little bit of added attitude.

It is all go at the moment!


Modern Marches October 16, 2009

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When my parents were young they were hippies. They used to actively campaign for issues they believed in, forcing political change and reinforcing their beliefs for many a year. Being members of Essex uni they were no doubt often chained to trees or fences, protesting and changing the world.

In the modern age this sort of political campaigning is not as prolific. It is thought, perhaps, that we already live in “changed times”, that the world is nearly healed and issues resolved. We all know this isn’t true, but the majority of marches and campaigns involve those close and dedicated to the issue, rather than the general public at large.

Today, however, I experienced a new kind of march, a new kind of protest. On twitter, I was part of an ever increasing collection of individuals protesting loudly and forcefully about the now infamous Jan Moir article that slated poor Stephen Gately, calling for people to complain and for the slanderous article to be removed. Between us we visited the complaints office online in such numbers that the site folded under the sheer volume, that the companies advertising alongside the article on the Daily Mail website pulled their advertising within hours.

We may not have been on the streets, marching and shouting and fighting for justice. But in our new modern social media way, we were working from the inside, changing perceptions with an increasingly liberal collection of twitter-ets. Homophobia will not be taken lightly, and we will fight back, just as passionately as our forefathers/mothers.

It is all change! October 13, 2009

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Life, as I mentioned last week, is pretty exciting at the moment. But whilst last week I couldn’t tell you, now I can.

This morning I had the rather daunting experience of resigning from my job, the first time I have ever done anything like that before in my life. I have to admit that I was trembling and shaking somewhat, as I get nervous in situations like that incredibly easily! Just imagine what I am like presenting to a group of people – argh!

I resigned because I had hit a brick wall with the work, everything was starting to repeat and I felt like I was no longer learning new and exciting things. Being an education hungry fiend, this was my cue to look elsewhere, and after a lot of searching I found a role, about which I am wildly excited.

As of next month, and after a well earnt break lazing around at home, I will be an eMarketing Executive, with a focus on copywriting. They almost created a role for me, one that embraces online content, online marketing and with an edge of social media expertise thrown in. All in all, it sounds like the perfect job for me, and is definitely the right step up the career ladder! Even more of a bonus, the people are all really friendly, and the company seems pretty casual and easygoing!

Isn’t it great?!