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The best chocolate bars ever… September 29, 2010

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The pictures do the talking for me…

chocolate for couples

breakfast lunch and dinner chocolate

flat pack easter egg chocolate

hear no evil see no evil speak no evil chocolate


Nights out, making big decisions, and lots of zebras… August 27, 2008

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My job at the moment is full of zebras – I spend most of my life thinking of ways to put them on promotional items, how I can get hold of 500 balloons shaped like zebras, and whether humbugs represent zebras the right amount. The reason for this is that one of the main products I am involved in publicisingis branded around Zebra’s – and I have to say it has meant I can have a lot of fun!

These are the balloons that we have ordered, and which we plan to give out to very serious and well-meaning educated pharmacists at international appointments –

Isn’t he rather delightful?

I did want everyone to wear these outfits, but sadly to no avail!

But anyway, onto what else has been going on in my life.

I have finally started socialising with people outside of home anduni – not that I’m getting much of change to socialise with either of them at the moment. Everything organised by Uni peeps seems to be on a weekend when I am away, otherwise engaged, or dead. Similarly, the one weekend I have managed to get home during this manic summer, none of my friends have been around, and when they were, I wasn’t! It’s incredible, but I hope that I’ll be bale to see both lots at some point soon – and I issue sincere apologies to those I have neglected through my busy life and legendary incompetence.

However, last weekend I went for “a few drinks after work” – which involved taking on most of Leamington’s bars on an empty stomach, armed only with a sorely abused cash card and what remained of my wits. It was me, Jen and Valerie from work, as well as Cie and her work mate. A somewhat odd and Small bunch, but it really worked. Many drinks, amusing dances, and hilarious situations later, I found myself far too drunk (in my defense I am a crazy drunk anyway, don’t know why I do it, and I was doign all this on an empty stomach!). I consequently had a big go out Ben (and he didn’t do anything) and Cie!! I felt very bad the next day, but as is always the case with thus sort of thing, al I can do is vow to only drink to the tipsy stage, or only drink redbull, and apologise lots to those who my crazy flipside has hurt.

Tipsy is more fun than drunk anyway!

Guess what?

The finding a flat situation, which hasn’t been going particularly well, may have taken a turn. It, of course, may also remain exactly as it is, but there is the potential that me and Ben will be looking into buying a house – somewhere in need of doing up (a cushion in case the property market starts rapidly going down), but where we are paying for it, rather than just pissing rental money up against the metaphorical brick wall. I love that phrase. I also love built like a brick shithouse, pushing the boat out, and more. But I digress.

We might (a very hesitant might, we haven’t even had any meetings with banks to see if we could get a mortgage) get a house one day!!!