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Career aspirations… October 27, 2009

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I am very happy with my life and my career at the moment. It is strange to think that just a few short weeks ago I was struggling to keep my head above the water, what with work, moving jobs, freelance and more. Now the world, as it always does, seems to have come full circle, and I am happy and satisfied. I have freelance to be getting on with, blog aspirations, and even won a cool pair of river island shoes in a Twitter based competition yesterday.

As happy as I am, I am always a bit overly ambitious, and what I have is never enough.

Multiple blogs, future websites, new jobs – I want something more!


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I am thinking about going ahead and launching an idea that I cam up with a while ago. I have always wanted to be a personal shopper – and I am aware that my speciality lies in eBay, vintage and online sites. I know fashion, heels, what fits and what doesn’t. I am consequently planning to venture bravely into the world of internet personal shopping, helping happy shoppers from around the world to find their perfect clothes without the hassle of having to search for themselves.

Do you think it is a good idea? Should I do it?

It is all change! October 13, 2009

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Life, as I mentioned last week, is pretty exciting at the moment. But whilst last week I couldn’t tell you, now I can.

This morning I had the rather daunting experience of resigning from my job, the first time I have ever done anything like that before in my life. I have to admit that I was trembling and shaking somewhat, as I get nervous in situations like that incredibly easily! Just imagine what I am like presenting to a group of people – argh!

I resigned because I had hit a brick wall with the work, everything was starting to repeat and I felt like I was no longer learning new and exciting things. Being an education hungry fiend, this was my cue to look elsewhere, and after a lot of searching I found a role, about which I am wildly excited.

As of next month, and after a well earnt break lazing around at home, I will be an eMarketing Executive, with a focus on copywriting. They almost created a role for me, one that embraces online content, online marketing and with an edge of social media expertise thrown in. All in all, it sounds like the perfect job for me, and is definitely the right step up the career ladder! Even more of a bonus, the people are all really friendly, and the company seems pretty casual and easygoing!

Isn’t it great?!