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On feeling like a girl October 1, 2011

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Generally, I don’t really care how I look when I travel. Let’s be honest – I am not out here to “pull” anyone, I’m here to enjoy a country and experience the best it has to offer. Whether or not I look presentable or not isn’t really the priority here. In addition, I’m travelling. I don’t have that same easy access to girly bits and pieces, to straighteners and hairdryers and far too many pairs of shoes. If I was going to worry about my looks, I would be fighting a losing battle. Plus, if someone I meet is going to judge me based on whether or not they think I look good enough, then my normal approach to life still applies – they simply aren’t worth knowing.

As it happens, I think, most people don’t judge me. I have sported some pretty funky hairstyles these past weeks, I’ve spent nearly every day makeup free and blinking like a newborn foal in the sun, I’ve worn the same clothes all the time (and a secret relief it has been too).

However, that doesn’t stop the girly qualities catching up every now and then. Those days that actually anyone of any gender, of any inclination, can have. The morning when they wake up a little fragile, for some reason not approaching the world with quite the same casual ease as they normally do. And when that happens, you either battle on in your androgyny, or you accept the situation and do something to make yourself feel better. For me, I dyed my hair – no easy feat I belatedly realised, in the restricted facilities of even the best hostel. I also put makeup on – I may rarely wear it, but I have a basic little selection with me for just such an “emergency”.

And today? I feel pretty. People have told me I look nice (OK, drunken people, but who’s counting?!). Tomorrow, I’ll be off the makeup again. But for today, I needed to feel like a girl.

What I Wore | Feeling Grecian June 28, 2011

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What I Wore Outfit Shot Grecian Vintage Dress

Feeling all Grecian today!

I thought today’s outfit deserved an outfit shot. Last time I wore this dress it was by Christmas do at work, but I decided this morning that through sheer determination I was going to make it work as daywear. The result was actually quite day appropriate thanks to my trusty platforms, and the addition of a casual tapestry belt. It worked with the tan too, the product of a weekend well spent!

Dress: Vintage
Leopard print slip: Vintage
Platforms: Topshop
Belt: Vintage

Feeling Punky Today May 27, 2011

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Feeling Punky

Feeling Punky by LaurenEACooke featuring military style hats

I go through different style moods, all the time. One day I rather fancy myself in vintage 1940s, the next day I want nothing more than a giant hoodie and comfy jeans. At the moment, I want to dress like a punk. The urge is strong – I want layers, and rips and tears. I want bright colours and rich blacks, and awesome scary-ass shoes. I want multiple piercings in my ears, tattoos, and black hear (check!). I want to be edgy, but sexy, and cool. I definitely do NOT want to be cute. I want smudged black eye make-up, and tousled hair.

I think I could just about pull it off.

What I Wore | Lace & Knee High Socks April 28, 2011

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what I wore lace dress and knee high socks

I think it is safe to say that despite the fact I loved this outfit, it was not a success. The first verdict of my (always lovely) work colleagues was that I looked like one of the characters from Tekken. Hmm, not good. The second piece of feedback, this time from my boss? Was that I looked like I should be a librarian in a porn film. Again, not good.

Oh well, turns out the world isn’t ready for glasses and knee-high socks yet.

Last Minute Charity Shop Shopping! April 23, 2011

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Today was a lovely day. Gently hung over and oh-so-knackered, we lounged in the park for as log as time would allow, mooching and people watching, and generally enjoying the spectacular and totally unseasonal sunshine. Then it was time to go home, and I thought I would just pop into the Barnado’s on the way. You know, for a quick look around.

5 minutes later, I left with these. Astonishing vintage heels that I can’t walk in to save my life. Sheer, dramatic, eye catching. I simply couldn’t leave them behind. Aren’t they incredible?

Amazing Vintage Sheer Heels

Spring, Strolls and Summer Dresses March 13, 2011

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The First Buds of Spring

The First Buds of Spring

Winter can be a long and difficult time. The deep cold nights lead into days that slip by in a dull and dismal blink, the chill bites into your bones and lingers in your veins. Chores that would be easy in the light of a summer afternoon become a tiresome drudgery. We fight through the season year after year, but come March the desire for spring and sunshine never fails to dominate our thoughts.

It is with some relief, therefore, to finally witness the true arrival of spring. Not just the gradual arrival of watery light before and after work, or even the bobbing heads of snowdrops, but real signs that mean it is finally here.

Sunshine that warms as well as illuminates. Gambolling lambs. Swathes of daffodils and primroses dappled in shadow, tree boughs heavy with fragrant blossom. The arrival of beautifully delicate buds, green folds unfurling like butterfly’s wings fresh from the chrysalis. Life suddenly bursting from ground that before seemed dull and dead.

This weekend has seen such a transformation. It has been warm, and blisteringly sunny, the perfect weather for strolls around town, and even for ice creams in the park. The sunlight has shocked the trees into action, and seemingly from nowhere the season has switched, and plants seem desperate to put forth flowers and leaves. Bees have been buzzing from bouquet to bouquet, and families have been playing football in the park.

I sat on a bench today, scribbling this post down, and taking photos to chronicle the arrival of a new juncture. I also immersed myself in a little book of Thomas Hardy poems, and watched the play and chatter of the people who strolled around the gardens. Yesterday, having drifted around town, I posted the most over-the-top status on Facebook, so saturated was I by the magic that has been in the air this weekend:

Can I randomly say something? Life is amazing. I all too often forget, but as I wandered around town today, in the sunshine and nothing more glamorous than my own company, it all came rushing back to me. Life? Life is damn good, and I’m so glad I get to enjoy it.

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers Up Close

Up Close!

What I Wore Dressed for Spring

And my spring outfit!

Finally, because I felt so happy with what I wore, a little outfit shot. My new favourite hold-ups from Jonathan Aston, and a cute little navy summer dress that I picked up in a charity shop. Which, for the benefit of all those who know how important this is, has pockets. I felt spring like and glamorous, and it was so nice to be able to get the sunglasses out!

What I Wore | Underwear-As-Outerwear February 3, 2011

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What I wore underwear as outerwear

Is that a nighty?

Just a little outfit shot for you today guys, because for once I was happy with what I wore! Yay! I felt quite sexy, a rarity!

Oh-So-Beautiful Origami Crane Necklace January 19, 2011

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Another item to add to my ever-increasing collection of things I desperately want to own but which, thanks to my budget I can’t. If anyone fancies buying it for me, I wouldn’t say no… Thanks to Diana for bringing it to my attention!

origami crane necklace

Available via Etsy, for $30

Finally! Drawing Dressember to a close January 14, 2011

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Dressember Day 31
Day 31
Dressember Day 31
Close up!


Well, it took me bloody long enough, didn’t it! These are the long-awaited photos from New Years Eve, and they are the last dress worn on the Dressember challenge. In total I wore a dress on each and every one of the 31 days, and I only repeated one dress. Pretty good stats.

I have also managed to raise £100 for Depression Alliance, which I think is a pretty good sum. I am leaving the page until February though, so if you want to give a donation then feel free! My target was £150, so let’s see if we can get there.

Anyway, it was a cold month, full of windy skirts and trembling knees – but all for a very good cause. I was certainly ready for the jeans when the time came though!

Dressember Days 28, 29 & 30 January 6, 2011

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In my defence, I am currently ill. I have been ever since I arrived home on Sunday, and the urge to write blog posts has somewhat disappeared. However, I know I need to finish my Dressember writing, and until I post these images I am not even close!

I double up outfits on days 28 and 29, simply changing the jumper. I was down in Devon, and my stock of dresses had pretty much run out. As a result, you get a very bad photo of me, and can use you imagination of the 29th!

The 30th was my travelling outfit, as I was doing the long and tiring journey from Plymouth up to the lakes.I was good and still wore a dress, but I made it train appropriate with many layers, cozy jumpers and sensible boots. Without these boots I doubt I could have survived Dressember, especially during all that snow. Anyway, this is the best photo, so just ignore the other one…

Dressember Day 30 What I Wore

Day 30

Dressember Day 28 & 29 What I Wore

Day 28 (& 29 too!)