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Please help me win a trip on the Orient Express! April 21, 2011

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All help appreciated guys – if 100 people like this then I get entered into a draw to win a trip ion the Orient Express! I don’t have much time though, so need all the help I can get!

NB: My story is called “when it rains it pours” – sometimes you need to refresh the page for it to work!


1930’s Inspired Wedding Dresses April 20, 2010

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Reader Rebecca contacted me to see if I could help her with a 1930s inspired fashion enquiry:

I’m getting married in September. Any advice on a source for 1930’s style bias cut gowns? Preferably budget friendly (under $1000)


Well, being as I am now a bit of a 1930s fashion addict, I simply couldn’t resist the chance to hunt for some seriously gorgeous dresses. You see, in my opinion bias cut 1930s gowns are perfectly matched to weddings, as they work well with long stretched of fabric – and consequently will work brilliantly in a blinding white or ivory. Even better, there is something sleek, elegant and pure about the simplicity of 1930’s dress design, and I can see this working wonderfully for a wedding dress.

So, what bias cut wedding dresses can I find?

Well, I started with looking for some actual vintage dresses, Obviously you are more restricted on sizes with these sorts of dresses, although a good seamstress will be able to take them in and generally make them fit well – it is only if they are too small that you have a problem! My go-to source for these was Etsy, which is definitely one of the best places for affordable vintage – I would keep checking back on it to see what the Etsy sellers get in.

Exquisite Vintage 1930s Wedding Dress

Ivory Lace Vintage 1930s Wedding Dress

The first dress here is, quite simply exquisite. It is also less than $500, which for a piece of this quality and elegance is pretty rare. Even better, this is a vintage dress that manages to look modern at the same time. The second dress needs a bit more work – but if you get rid of the horrible puffy sleeves you could have something wonderful for only $200.

There are a lot fo other vintage wedding dresses here.

For the modern 1930s inspired wedding dresses I have included a range of options and sellers. They range from just about the $1000 limit (the time has come to haggle…) to a bargain basement $200, to give you lots of choice.

Bias Cut Hemp Silk Wedding Gown

The pure simplicity of this bias cute dress from Conscious clothing meant that I simply had to include it. It isn’t fancy, it isn’t over the top, but it is beautiful. Of course, this is the most expensive gown, coming in at $1,140.

Bias Cut J. Crew Wedding Dress

Interestingly, this J. Crew dress is not only the cheapest, but it is one of my favourites, It may not be the obvious place to shop for a wedding dress, but with examples like this it definitely ought to be considered! Remember, don’t shop exclusively in bridal shops, as many evening dress providers will sell bias cuts. Oh, and this particular example is for sale for $275 with free shipping.

Bias Cut Chiffon Wedding Dress

I love the chiffon in this dress, it makes a nice change from all the millions of satin bias cut dress. Satin does work well cut on the bias, of course, but I think seeing something a little more summery and floaty!

The Wildcard Bias Cut Ruffled Wedding Dress

Finally, a dress that although bias cut, isn’t perhaps as vintage inspired as the rest. I suppose you could have seen something with this kind of base and trail, but you definitely would never have seen all those ruffles in the 30s! Oh well, I had to put it in – and mention that it costs $449…

Hopefully this will have helped, and will have given you some ideas! Let me know if you find your dress!

I need your help! August 24, 2009

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I am currently preparing for a 1930’s night out in London, complete with cabaret and cocktails. Our tickets are booked and our room will be booked soon, but I don’t have a dress. I was bidding on a beauty on eBay, but it sold at way over my budget!!

So now I have three options and an inability to decide what to wear! I want to stick with true vintage fashion, but I could go for vintage inspired looks if needs be! The three vintage 1930s dresses I am about to list, however, all all true vintage fashion, complete with age spots and moth holes.

The options are:

1. A dress modelled on Keira Knightly in Atonement. You know, the long green satin dress with a fishtail line and oodles of sex appeal! Vintage fashion at its best, that dress!

keira knightly green atonement dress

2. A much more sedate, but also very elegant 1930s vintage gown, is this cream crepe dress I have found on Etsy! It is rather lovely, especially the vintage cream lace insert on the back.

cream crepe 1930s dress

3. Finally, I have a more unusual choice – the wildcard of vintage fashion, if you will. This is more summery and more unique, although it is still evening wear appropriate as it is a floor-length gown.

Yellow 1930s vintage summer dress

I need help! September 4, 2008

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Please visit this particular page on my new blog – I need your advice regarding planning my book.

Please help!

My desperate search – HELP July 17, 2008

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I am hoping you can help me.

A desire I myself have little control over has devoured me. Let me tell you the story.

A last year, I bought off eBay the sinlge most beautiful pair of boots that I had ever owned. In soft black suede, with a gold pattern, they skulpted my legs and converted even the most determined shoe anit-chirsts. Then, in a moment of penniless desperation, I sold them.

They are Irregular Choice (of course).

I have never seen another pair for sale anywhere since. And I NEED them.

This is them:

I need them in size 7 or size 7.5… It would make my day if you knew anyone who had them!

On a partially seperate note, aren’t these ones pretty?!