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What I Wore | Irregular Choice Boots February 17, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Foodiness, What I Wore.
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A bit of a pixellated image today, sorry, I don’t know what happened! Never mind, it gets the point across, and you can see my gorgeous soft green and gold suede boots. I wore them with my bargain YSL blazer, which is a little oversized but such good quality. I only paid about 99p for it, however, so that means I can justify only wearing it occasionally as a boyfriend blazer!

What I wore

Also, is this much maple syrup technically too much? Ben maintains it is! Personally I could wax lyrical about the sensory pleasures of drowning myself is the delicious smoky substance, as tasting it instantly makes me feel like I am standing in the centre of a beautiful forest, with slight smell of bonfires on the air. Of course being this closely dependant upon maple syrup measn I have to limit myself to having it once or twice a year, as otherwise I will overdose and surely die!

Maple syrup drenched pancake

Maple syrup drenched pancake