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Semi-Daily eBay | Irregular Choice Polka Dot Heels March 16, 2010

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You all know that I love Irregular Choice. I also quite look shoes with a bit of a strange vibe or wacky touch – which means I was guaranteed to like these polka dot heels. The polka dots are cute enough by themselves (I am sure a certain Amber would like them…), and the little dolls on the toe are really strange and wonderful! Currently they are just£15 in a size 7 on eBay.

Irregular Choice Polka Dot Heels

Buyers Remorse December 15, 2009

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There is nothing worse than buying something that you have always wanted, or have accidently fallen madly in love with, and then realising that it completely and utterly doesn’t live up to expectations. Sure you can sell it on again if it doesn’t fit – but the magic of the moment of ripping it out of the packaging is completely dead and gone.

It happened to me today. I ordered the most lovely looking pair of brown suede Irregular choice winter boots, with a cute fleecy top, strap up foldover and sensible low heel that I could actually wear when the temperature plummets. They arrived, I dragged off the cute pink tissue papers, forced my feet into them, et voila! Clown feet! I am not exaggerating people – this was a serious case of the wide and longs for my little Tootsies.

Irregular Choice Winter Boots

Irregular Choice Winter Boots

I was going to put an uplifting list at around about this point of the blog. Something that explained that these situations can be avoided, that spending some quality time with the internet and researching each and every purchase can mean you will never have to experience the deep dark sorrows of buyers remorse. Then, however, I realised that it was all bollocks. Completely made up. That sometimes, you can spend four years preparing for a purchase, putting together neat and efficient pros and cons lists using your recent excel training, quizzing your friends and comparing colour swatches with your room to make sure it doesn’t clash. You can do all of this, and what you ordered can arrive – and it can be completely utterly wrong.

Sometimes it is on their end, they have simply missold it or listed it wrong. Other time, unfortunately enough, you have been a right lummox and bought something you should never have bought, no matter how clever you tried to be about it.

So here is the real point of this blog – to make you realise that you are not alone. That mistakes happen, things sometimes just won’t fit, that this is a just a dark dark day and the future will get brighter, and other such uplifting merry bullshit. Just pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and recover – so those shoes didn’t fit? Sell them, send them back, buy another pair. Buy 10 other pairs, in the hope that the factory will produce one that comes up small at just the right place. Do something and fix it – or cry, eat ice cream, and deny it ever happened. Either one is fine with me, and a great way to deal with the challenge that is buyers remorse!

Semi-Daily eBay | Irregular Choice Boots – With Spats! November 6, 2009

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I am having a little well-deserved break from blogging guys, during my week off between jobs. I will get back into it shortly, but for the meantime here is a pretty little semi-daily eBay post to keep the excitement up!

As you all know, I love irregular choice. It isn’t exactly a secret, and the piles of shoe boxes in my bedroom are proof of the addiction. Normally I am not a huge fan of their frankly strange cleft toed items, inspired by Maison Martin Margiela. This pair of heels, however, have a special saving grace. Yes, that is right – these can be worn as a heel, or as  a boot, simply with the addition of that super cool knee-high spat. Spats are one of my favourite things at the moment (although I own none), and knee-high pairs are quite rare. Even better, you could wear these spats with other heels too.

Irregular Choice Knee-high Spat Boots

Irregular Choice Knee-High Spat Boots

A Dream Fulfilled! October 9, 2009

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For those few of you who have read my blog for a good while, you will know that a while ago I made a terrible mistake. Now now, don’t get worried, it isn’t anything serious.

In my first year at uni I bought the most beautiful pair of boots I have ever owned. Irregular choice and stunning, they made many a night out at uni quite memorable. Then, as is often the way, I encountered a period of poverty, and on a rash unthought-through impulse I sold them on eBay, raising enough money to keep me in food for a further week or two. hen, immediately afterwards, I realised my mistake, and eve since I have been hunting down a pair of these rare boots in my size on eBay.

Finally, finally, I found them. They are a different colour, but they are my size, and they are beautiful, and they are mine!

Irregular Choice Suede Boots

Irregular Choice Suede Boots

Semi-Daily eBay | Miu Miu Peeptoe Lace-up Boots September 7, 2009

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Some designers seem to get it right an awful lot of the time. Miu Miu, for example, always has just the right level of quirky and strange, with lots of designer touches and beautiful pieces. I in particular love their shoes (of course) and their handbags, both of which are bright, often colourful, and always luxurious.

This pair of heels are a great example, and are for sale at just the right time for us to gear up to winter. Added some extra umph by the cute unexpected peep-toe, and with dramatic Gothic Victorian lacing, this is quite a masterpiece of design work and footwear! The saving isn’t actually that much though (bought for £450 selling for £370!) and I suspect this seller will have to relist – after all, this could be the price in the sale! However, if you want a nice high street alternative then these similar (but not peep-toe) boots from Irregular Choice should hit the spot, and for a much more bargainous £39.99!

Miu Miu Black Peeptoe boots A/W 09

Miu Miu Black Peeptoe boots A/W 09

Irregular choice black lace up boots - Perfect winter fayre!

Irregular choice black lace up boots - Perfect winter fayre!

Vintage Shoes January 14, 2009

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I have spent the past few weeks selling items on eBay, and have been relatively successful. I am gettgin rid of the clothes that have been holding up my wardrobe for years in some cases – but one of my favourite items (shoes soo small for me they don’t fit on my feet) isn’t selling.

They are a gorgeous pair of vintage pearl shoes with gold threaded perspex heels – yet for a fiver they simply aren’t selling! Very disappointing!


I sense a relisting coming up!

For Sale!! August 22, 2008

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For Sale!!

Beautiful Monsoon Boned Camisole

Even more beautiful Irregular Choice Peach Heels

Busy bees August 20, 2008

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Work is very busy at the moment (she says, typing vigorously during her lunch break). We’ve just moved offices for 6 weeks, whilst the variety of builders (ranging from aged approximately 10 to nearly 700) re-do our offices-to-be from head to toe. This has meant developing a certain expertise in packing and unpacking boxes at high speed – and being that the managers craftily cleared out of the office for the moving day, I would be willing to claim brilliance in box packing. Were it an Olympic sport, I would be winning our 17th Gold (correct as of the 20th Aug!).

This means that, as is all too common at the moment, I have been neglecting my blog. I’m tired in the evening – hooking up my phone to get photos on here seems too much effort. During the day, I keep forgetting to jump onto wordpress at lunch – it simply slips my mind!

However, you may hear-by hold me to this declaration – I will write at least 3 articles a week! Hopefully! Hehe. You see, I am also working on some free writing for a home styling blog (I will give you all the details when I know them myself), and hopefully am going to be doing some paid blogging too. It’s all go!


On a different matter, does anyone here want to buy some Irregular Choice shoes? I have some that I brought on eBay a while ago, but which simply don’t fit – much as it hurts to admit it!

So –

Irregular choice shoes for sale online!


I will give you a link to the eBay page (and a picture of them) as soon as – I really will miss them.

I’m also selling a size 8 (but nearer a size 6) Monsoon – lovely and great for work, but depressingly I couldn’t do it up! It’s never been worn 😦

My desperate search – HELP July 17, 2008

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I am hoping you can help me.

A desire I myself have little control over has devoured me. Let me tell you the story.

A last year, I bought off eBay the sinlge most beautiful pair of boots that I had ever owned. In soft black suede, with a gold pattern, they skulpted my legs and converted even the most determined shoe anit-chirsts. Then, in a moment of penniless desperation, I sold them.

They are Irregular Choice (of course).

I have never seen another pair for sale anywhere since. And I NEED them.

This is them:

I need them in size 7 or size 7.5… It would make my day if you knew anyone who had them!

On a partially seperate note, aren’t these ones pretty?!

Beautiful shoes July 16, 2008

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My shoes were definately the fashion hit of graduation – so many people commented on them!

That is becasue they are gorgeous! And only £30 including postage from my al time favourite eBay store Branch 309