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What I Wore | Feeling Grecian June 28, 2011

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What I Wore Outfit Shot Grecian Vintage Dress

Feeling all Grecian today!

I thought today’s outfit deserved an outfit shot. Last time I wore this dress it was by Christmas do at work, but I decided this morning that through sheer determination I was going to make it work as daywear. The result was actually quite day appropriate thanks to my trusty platforms, and the addition of a casual tapestry belt. It worked with the tan too, the product of a weekend well spent!

Dress: Vintage
Leopard print slip: Vintage
Platforms: Topshop
Belt: Vintage


Spring, Strolls and Summer Dresses March 13, 2011

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The First Buds of Spring

The First Buds of Spring

Winter can be a long and difficult time. The deep cold nights lead into days that slip by in a dull and dismal blink, the chill bites into your bones and lingers in your veins. Chores that would be easy in the light of a summer afternoon become a tiresome drudgery. We fight through the season year after year, but come March the desire for spring and sunshine never fails to dominate our thoughts.

It is with some relief, therefore, to finally witness the true arrival of spring. Not just the gradual arrival of watery light before and after work, or even the bobbing heads of snowdrops, but real signs that mean it is finally here.

Sunshine that warms as well as illuminates. Gambolling lambs. Swathes of daffodils and primroses dappled in shadow, tree boughs heavy with fragrant blossom. The arrival of beautifully delicate buds, green folds unfurling like butterfly’s wings fresh from the chrysalis. Life suddenly bursting from ground that before seemed dull and dead.

This weekend has seen such a transformation. It has been warm, and blisteringly sunny, the perfect weather for strolls around town, and even for ice creams in the park. The sunlight has shocked the trees into action, and seemingly from nowhere the season has switched, and plants seem desperate to put forth flowers and leaves. Bees have been buzzing from bouquet to bouquet, and families have been playing football in the park.

I sat on a bench today, scribbling this post down, and taking photos to chronicle the arrival of a new juncture. I also immersed myself in a little book of Thomas Hardy poems, and watched the play and chatter of the people who strolled around the gardens. Yesterday, having drifted around town, I posted the most over-the-top status on Facebook, so saturated was I by the magic that has been in the air this weekend:

Can I randomly say something? Life is amazing. I all too often forget, but as I wandered around town today, in the sunshine and nothing more glamorous than my own company, it all came rushing back to me. Life? Life is damn good, and I’m so glad I get to enjoy it.

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers

Beautiful Bold Spring Flowers Up Close

Up Close!

What I Wore Dressed for Spring

And my spring outfit!

Finally, because I felt so happy with what I wore, a little outfit shot. My new favourite hold-ups from Jonathan Aston, and a cute little navy summer dress that I picked up in a charity shop. Which, for the benefit of all those who know how important this is, has pockets. I felt spring like and glamorous, and it was so nice to be able to get the sunglasses out!

Dressember Days 22 and 24 December 24, 2010

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Yes, you get a photo for the day I worked from home, but not from yesterday! The reason, or the excuse, is that I got straight in yesterday evening and proceeded to work my way manically through a gargantuan (isn’t that a nice word?! I should endeavour to use it more!) to do list the size of my right forearm. Not my left. Packed, tidied and generally exhausted, I fell into my fresh (clean!) sheets and slept like a baby until my 6AM alarm this morning.

Dressember Day 22

Day 22

Dressember Day 24 What I Wore

Day 24

 Day 22 was boring (pretty much just lounging around under fleeces, if I am brutally honest), but today was a day of travelling. You will all be glad to know that I made it down to Devon not only in one piece, but I actually arrived early. Thank you oh wonderful railway companies (and it isn’t often you will hear me say that!), you really did me proud as part of me had become resigned to the option of spending Christmas cold and alone!

Now, however, I am sat in front of a hot blazing winter fire, sipping the most spectacular Sloe Gin I have ever made. Cheers to that!

Sloe gin in front of the fire

Sloe gin in front of the fire

Dressember Days 20 & 21 December 22, 2010

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I can’t work out what happened to my Dressember Day 19 outfit. I had a lovely day going to see Tron: Legacy and then enjoying my solstice dinner, so that seems a pretty good excuse for forgetting to take a photo of the dress I wore. I did wear one though, honest guv! And, just to prove how cold it is, my hair actually froze on the way home, and it was still -11 when I arrived at work on the Monday morning!

Frosty Hair

Frosty Hair!

Anyway, Day 20 of Dressember was a rather boring day, I was dressed for warmth and that was all that mattered for me. After all, we still have the snow, so  wore a slip and a jumper under my jumper dress, and gave it a bit more structure with the waistcoat. I think it worked!

Dressember Day 20 What I Wore

Day 20, Nice and Warm!

Day 21 of Dressember was much more fun. I wanted to be all Christmassy, so I painted my nails sparkly red, put on my Dorothy Shoes, and wore a lovely velvet dress. I pranced and preened around the office all day, so I must have been in a good mood. The evening  was spent in the pub, but unfortunately I realised I had locked myself out of my house, and I had to spend the night at Lysy’s before the letting agents opened in the morning. Not my brightest moment! Consequently I am working from home today, but I am still wearing a dress, and will photograph it later!

red dorothy shoes

Buying my "No Place Like Home" shoes!

Dressember Day 21 What I Wore

Day 21 Feeling Festive

I also painted my nail a sparkly seasonal blue, I am loving having long nails finally!

Sparkly Blue Nail Polish

Sparkly Blue Nail Polish

Dressember: Day 10 December 11, 2010

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Mixing patterns was the name of the game today. Bold candy cane stripes, cute jester style checks, and floral patterned tights. It could have looked really bad, I’ll be honest, but as it happened I felt great all day. Oh, and festive of course! And, as you can tell from the posing, more than a little bit silly!

Dressember Day 10, What I Wore

Day 10

Please remember to sponsor me though guys, every little bit will make a difference to Depression Alliance!

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Dressember: Days 1 and 2 December 2, 2010

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What I Wore Dressember Day 1

Day 1

What I Wore Dressember Day 1

Day 2

Day 1 and 2 of Dressember. It has been mightily cold, and so I have to admit to disliking the feeling of slipping into a freezing cold dress first thing in the morning. In fact, I have given up and done that dreaded thing – time setting the heating so that I don’t have to leave my warm bed into the frigid arctic.

Still days 1 and 2 have gone well, so bring on the other 29!! Remember to sponsor me though to help me raise some cash for Depression Alliance!

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What I Wore: Wrap Dress & Heels November 15, 2010

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what I wore wrap dress and heels

All Wrapped Up...

I love this dres. The shape, the satin fabric, the big bow around my waist. It doesn’t, however, photo very well at all – the flash makes it look kind of shiny. Sooo comfy though!

Dress: Fever Designs
Heels: Irregular Choice

What I Wore | Knee High Socks and Jumpers November 11, 2010

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What I Wore | Knee High Socks and Jumpers

Getting Warm

You can tell it is properly miserable and wet at the moment. This morning I snuggled up under the covers for as long as physically possible, before dragging myself out into the wet and windy weather much to my brain’s chagrin! Anyway, these are some of the first photos recently that have made me realise how much weight I have put on. It is quite remarkable! I don’t mind that much, but I miss being fit, having that energy that comes with being slim, in shape and toned. Still, I liked the outfit – it was part smart, part warm, and part utterly comfortable!

Tomorrow evening I have a hypnosis consultation – we are going to hopefully start doing some sessions, all of which will deal with the same thing – my lack of will power. That same bit of me that refuses to stop biting my nails/fingers even when I know I could, which doesn’t eat healthily just because it can’t be bothered, and which makes it so hard to get off the sofa and exercise. You never know, soon enough I may be toned and fit, with clear skin and beautiful undamaged girly nails!

Wish me luck!

Dress: Slip from a Lypsy dress
Jumper: Vintage
Xmas style socks: Vintage
Waistcoat: Warehouse

Ruby Shoesdays (& Shoes #8) April 28, 2010

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Not much time to post – I haven’t seemed to have many words this week – life is stressful on many counts, and it is playing havoc with my brain.  It only works if it has to, and it clearly doesn’t deem this blog as necessary. Anyway, I thought I would pop on and share my Ruby Shoesdays contribution, the first time I have actually participated in this shoe challenge! Which was, of course, also a chance to wear shoes no. 8, but lovely Belle & Mimi shoes from Barratts.

ruby shoes days, m&s dress and red belt

Ruby Shoesdays & Outfit Shot

Dress: Vintage M&S
Belt: Vintage, eBay
Shoes: Belle & Mimi, Barratts