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RTW Trip Update 1: Welcome to Cairns August 16, 2011

Posted by Lauren Cooke in RTW Trip Updates.
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Gosh I’ll tell you what – this travelling malarkey isn’t half scary! I know I’m stating the obvious, but despite my terror prior to getting on the plane, I don’t really think I had realised how utterly mind-blowingly freak-out-worthy it could be when you actually touched down. Still, touch down I did, a 30-hours-down-the-line bundle of nerves and hormones, strolling (read shuffling in an exhausted fashion, biting back tears) up and down unfamiliar pounding hot Cairns city streets.

So, what did I do, in a new city and brutally alone? I freaked. My poor mother got a message something along the lines of “aaaarghh I want to come home, come get me”, whilst my Andy got a largely babbling and incoherent email, looking back over which makes me feel nervous again, so desperate are my tears and stresses that they practically crawl out of the computer screen. Even Facebook was hit with the mania, potentially in the hope that someone would come to my rescue with the invention of a cheap and accessible teleportation device that would get me straight home lickety split.

The only way to deal with this was to sleep, and once I’d done that for 15 hours (15 wiggly freak out filled hours, I must admit), the world seemed a somewhat less stressful place. I was up and about, and I have to admit to really liking Cairns. There’s a pretty man-made lagoon down by the semblance of a beach, I took a trip out to a rainforest topped coral cay (where I saw sea turtles. And whales!), I got burned in the sun because it turns out by yourself you can’t successfully suncream your back (who knew?!). I have a trip planned with one of the girls in my hostel room tomorrow to the botanical gardens, and I’ve just booked the next step of the trip (Mission Beach, but please please please don’t try to persuade me it makes sense to jump out of an airplane to land on it. I’ll walk thanks).

Sea Turtle Green Island

Sea Turtle Green Island

So, what it this thoroughly jumbled and slightly hyper post trying to say? That I think, I think, I’ll be OK. I am missing people desperately (and they are no doubt fed up of me saying it, and quite glad I went away), but I’ll deal with that and it will all be wonderful. Well, if not wonderful, good at least.

Now I’m off to write my first batch of postcards – but only very special people are going to get them super regularly, as the stamps cost an arm and a leg!