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Last Minute Charity Shop Shopping! April 23, 2011

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Today was a lovely day. Gently hung over and oh-so-knackered, we lounged in the park for as log as time would allow, mooching and people watching, and generally enjoying the spectacular and totally unseasonal sunshine. Then it was time to go home, and I thought I would just pop into the Barnado’s on the way. You know, for a quick look around.

5 minutes later, I left with these. Astonishing vintage heels that I can’t walk in to save my life. Sheer, dramatic, eye catching. I simply couldn’t leave them behind. Aren’t they incredible?

Amazing Vintage Sheer Heels


More Shoes on Sale! January 27, 2011

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Click the images to go to the listings!

Yves Saint-Laurent YSL Vintage Platform Heels UK7.4/EU40.5

Vintage YSL Heels, Perfect Condition, UK7.5/EU40

Irregular Choice Turquoise and Gold Suede Heels UK7/EU40

Irregular Choice Boots, Perfect Condition, UK7/EU40

Irregular Choice Jungle Print Knee High Boots UK7/EU40

Irregular Choice, Great Condition, UK7/EU40

Shoes for sale! January 24, 2011

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Hi All!


Check out my new “Shoes For Sale!” page, where I will be getting rid of shoes in the run up to my trip. Every desperate money-saving scheme is being executed!


Most shoes are size 6 or 7, and they are all (of course!) gorgeous!


Lauren xx


Fashion Lust December 9, 2010

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OK. I am in love. I have fallen hard and fast. Everytime I look at the object of my love, my stomach flips over. I get tingles down my spine, my breath speeds up, and it is all I can do not to stand and stare, and stare, and stare.

With no further ado, let me introduce to you, Bevan. To be more precise, the Bevan knee high 1970s style boot from Topshop!

Topshop Knee High Bevan Seventies Boots


So elegant. So lean. So incredibly slender. These boots have absurd heels, but good god were they sexy on. Sex in shoe form, essentially!

Mmm, Yummy – Valentino Patent Peep-Toes November 24, 2010

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Is it just me, or is there something just… well… wonderful about these Valentino heels? I suppose in part it is because of the classic and elegant shape, but generally I think the shade is the winner. Not quite pink, not quite purple, not quite really bright and not quite muted. It is one of those sweet and downright edible shades that is simple at the same time as being really unusual. For whatever reason, I love them. I don’t love the £164 price tag though, although when you think that it is down from a mighty £410 it almost becomes a bargain…

Valentino Peep Toe Patent Pumps

Valentino Peep Toe Patent Pumps

We all fall down November 8, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Life, Chatter & Politics, Rants.
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I have developed a problem recently. It has actually been a problem that has haunted me throughout my entire life, as a clumsy individual with very little in the way of spacial awareness. I have stumbled, wobbled and bumped my way through my many years, with many a bruise and graze as evidence of my physical incompetence. Now, however, the problem has got worse, as my ankles have become really really weak.

wearing heels effect

OK, so it may have something to do with wearing heels. And perhaps on nights out I should really invest in a pair of fold up flats to go in my handbags. However, before I always used to be able to walk places in heels, and now I go tumble at the merest mention of a bump in the pavement. The tiniest imperfection can set my poor ankles a-wobbling, and before I know it I am down on the floor.

This started happening when I was drunk. I became that irritating person who spends a lot of the journey home pulling herself out of ditches, drains and back up onto the pavement. I assumed that maybe I was drunker than I had thought, only one stage off paralytic. I couldn’t work out how it happened. Don’t get me wrong, I was genuinely pissed – but falling down like that is, to me, only one stage off falling unconscious!

Then I started falling in the real world, the sober world. The other day, when heading to Wetherspoons in the salubrious area of Solihull, I face planted myself neatly on the tarmac, splitting my lovely vintage dress in the process. This wasn’t just a wobble – I fully went down, and only a familiarity with the act of falling saved my for certain injury! That same day, I nearly fell 3 other times when my ankle just flopped neatly outwards, without the faintest provocation. Since then, although it doesn’t hurt, I have nearly gone face first in the dirt a number of times, most commonly when completely sober AND wearing flats. How can this be?!

Any suggestions people? How can I strengthen my ankles?

So, if you see me stumbling around town – don’t assume I’m drunk,just assume I’m incompetent!

Best on the Highstreet | This Season’s Shoes September 21, 2010

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I love shoes, as you may well have guessed. I would imagine the rather sizeable shoe collection would be your first clue. However, although I dream of owning a number of wonderful designer pairs of shoes, I don’t want to spend lots of money on them. Thanks to this, most of my wonderful shoes come from highstreet brands like Topshop (their clothes may be horrid, but I lurve their shoes!) or New Look. So, in the spirit of window shopping and being able to justify it, I thought I would write a post to sum up the best “on trend” shoes that are credit card friendly.

Click the image to go to the product page!

Shearling shoes

Shearling and furs are everywhere at the moment. Some of the fuzzy creations I hate, but other examples actually make me feel all appropriately wintery and snuggly. The line between cute and terrible is a thin one, but in my opinion you can’t go much wrong with these ones.

fluffy cuff fur trimmed ankle boots

OK, they might be slightly tasteless, but these New Look boots are Snow Queen boots!

Topshop fur buckle over knee boots

Shearling is actually sexy in these Topshop boots!

chunky fur lined river island boots

Working the "walking boot" look pretty effectively at River Island

Chunky Heels

The 90s have returned! In many ways this is, quite frankly, terrifying. However, some of the designs have made chunky heels look as good as possible, and I have found myself pining after examples like the oh-so-coveted swallow heels from Miu Miu. On the highstreet the risk is that shoes will look a little outdated, but there are still some modern interpretations out there…

thick chunky heeled 90s inspired platforms

I feel I should dance to the Spice Girls in these. OK, so I always dance to the Spice Girls... but still!

GRADE Wood Heel Court Shoes topshop

Slightly more wearable court shoes from Topshop

ASOS purple tasselled chunky heeled boots

I may be in the minority loving these quirky ASOS boots, but I don't care!


These seem to have been in fashion for ever, but I still don’t own a pair. I find that they are quite hard to do, and the majority of the brogues out there can look a little grannyish. However, there are some lovely ones, you just have to hunt them out.

irregular choice yellow brogue heels

Be bold and brave in yellow brogues from Irregular Choice

Bertie Zenobia calf height brogue boots

Brogues in boot form from ever-lovely Bertie

Tan Floral Brogue miss selfridge

If you must wear flat brogues, these floral ones from Miss Selfridge are probably the best!

See anything you like?!

Semi-Daily eBay | Stunning Charlotte Olympia Heels September 17, 2010

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charlotte olympia heels

Stunning Heels!

I love Charlotte Olympia heels. They may just be my favourite. The chunky platform, the funky heel. The Louboutin-esque shape. I dream of owning a pair, which is why I wish this particular example was in my size – they are only £50!! Please, someone with size UK5/EU38 feet, please buy them!

New Shoes from Rubber Sole… Crocs! August 18, 2010

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I feel quite dirty writing this. I really do. However, I was contacted by online shoe store Rubber Sole to see if I would be interested in becoming a shoe reviewer for them. Obviously I said yes (just mention shoes and my eyes glaze over in excitement, let alone when they are free!), and with my £30 voucher in hand I set of to see what to choose first.

For most of the day I planned to buy some Iron Fist beauties, graphic horror inspired heels with plenty of attitude. In fact, I have been wanting these for ages, and the option to get them for essentially just £9 was very tempting indeed. However, then it crossed my mind that as I was reviewing, maybe I ought to get something different to the norm to challenge my perceptions. So, I set off to get some practical shoes, which is how I ended up ordering a pair of Crocs.

Yes. Crocs. I know. That brand name is as close as you can come to a dirty word in the shoe industry, thanks to their famous and utterly ugly holed sandals. However, the ones I picked were sensible little slip on Sandals, the Alice model, and they neatly ticked the boxes in my “needed shoe list” for jelly-style waterproof shoes, and sensible flats. With more than a hint of trepidation, I clicked the Order button, and awaited their delivery.

crocs alice sandal rubber sole

Rubber Sole’s delivery was fast, so having ordered on Friday with free delivery, the shoes turned up on Monday. On unpacking them I was surprised to find that they weren’t actually ugly at all. Sure, they aren’t smart, or super-fashionable, but they are sleek and surprisingly elegant. However, it wasn’t until I slipped them on my feet that I became a convert…

They come up a little small, so my toes almost touch the end, but even with this slight limitation these shoes were comfy. Incredibly so. I actually felt, as I strutted around the office, like my shoes were actually doing something positive for my feet. And with as many high heels as I own, that is a rarity! In fact, they have quickly become my go to shoes for nipping to the shops, and I am looking forward to being able to wear them on the beach whilst on holiday. I keep recommending them to people, and although recommending Crocs goes against my very nature, they are definitely good enough to warrant it!

I may not like the Crocs brand in general – but the Alice sandals have been a bit of a seminal life experience! And to think, if Rubber Sole hadn’t tempted me I would never have owned them.

[Disclaimer: Rubber Sole provided me with a £30 voucher for the shoes of my choice. This was in exchange for a review, which I have conducted honestly and without influence. It just so happened I loved the shoes, even though I felt I shouldn’t!]

Semi-Daily eBay | Sam Edelman Balenciaga Wedges June 2, 2010

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sam edelman balenciaga zoe harness wedge boot

First off, apologies… Semi-daily eBay has become more Semi-Monthly. However, I am on a self imposed stop-spending binge at the moment, so shall no doubt be featuring many pretty things purely to try to force someone to buy them on my behalf.

Now, on with the subject of this post. These boots. These bold, daring and downright dangerous boots. They are, of course, utterly ridiculous, and it would be wrong if they were anything but. They also currently cost £100, which is painful, but to be fair not completely stratospheric – and they are in my size, which makes their presence all the more unbearable! These completely meet all my requirements for bold biker boots, sky-high wedges and attitude. I love them!