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Dream Diaries | Water Water Everywhere… January 14, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dreams.
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I went out last night, to meet up with the lovely Roisin, a gal who Cie and I met through Twitter and blogging. Muchos wine was imbibed, and I tottered home through the slush and fog aided a lot by the chicken burger I munched on the way! The resulting dehydration probably resulted in the strange set of dreams that followed, all with a very specific theme. Here are the little bits I can remember!

Sitting on a wall, in some wonderfully beautiful and probably romantic situation, and then falling straight off, directly into a puddle. Face in the puddle, ear touching the tarmac, I actually started lapping at the water.

Drinking and drinking and drinking. I remember the taste of cool sparkling water, available by the jugful. We were at a house party, in a long rambling place that had a multitude of hallways and rambling staircases and strange hidden rooms. Trapped at this party, supplies were getting low, with no-one rationing what we had. Practically immediately we found that the huge bath filled with bottles was empty, the sparkling water had run out and the situation was getting dire.

Needless to say, when I woke up I was incredibly thirsty, and downed a pint exceptionally fast. Isn’t it interesting what our dreams will tell us?!