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Dream Diaries | Crocodiles & Werewolves January 22, 2010

Posted by Lauren Cooke in Dreams.
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A bit of a break from the norm last night, with an incredibly vivid dream featuring myself, Ben and my sister Jess on holiday somewhere hot and lovely. It was very peculiar, disturbing and somewhat entertaining! Anyways, without further ado…

Ben, Jess and myself are holidaying on a far off shore. The sun is hot, beating down on our heads, and the tarmac beneath our feet radiates the heat back up at us from below. We walk down what must be a boardwalk to a large hole, broken around the edges, that leads through the towns border wall to the beach and the mountainous coastline. We are barefoot, and I look down at the hot soft sand as we set off to find a cosy place to have our picnic.

Then, there on the ground, I see something strange. A tiny copper crocodile head, popping out from the sand. Then, before I can blink, the little croc turns and, with a flick of its tail swims off across the beach. As it goes, its copper scales are dragged off by the sand, and I am watching this strange display until I hear a shout from Ben, up ahead. There beneath his feet, something moves, and then suddenly he is rising off the ground and is thrown, as a 10 foot crocodile heaves itself violently out of the sand. It dives towards him, teeth smashing together, but he roles and dives out of its way, getting smacked on the head by the tail as he goes.

The wild croc, angered from being walked on , turns in desperation and dives at the next nearest victim, my sister. Jess screams, falls backwards, scrambles to move away, and I watch in growing horror. As it rushes at her I know that to save her life I will have to do something, and with no breath left in my lungs I grab for the nearest object with which to defend her. It happens, of course, to be a big snake, and I hold tightly onto both ends. Unfazed I proceeded to beat the crocodile away from her, and thankfully she is left unharmed.

Later that day Ben and I crawl to a cave where the crocodile responsible for today’s chaos is known to live. Living with him, we hear, is a young girl, his wife. I slide through the hole and end up in the cave, trying to find this girl through winding dark corridors and down strange thin channels. Behind me I here the crocodile moving, and I rush upwards, finding the little exit and pressing myself through it, dragging against the sharp rock as I do. Behind the croc, who is now charging, I see the girl. She is a slender thing, blond and delicate, but with fury on her face she pours water over the crocodile, breaking off his attack. She did that for me.

Next I am in the town, but everything is flooded. Stranded high above the buildings, we have to dive from the windows into the water to reach the shops and store rooms, and there is always the worry that the crocodile will swim through and find you paddling innocently across, tender and soft and such easy prey. There is also another worry, the werewolves, and it is with hesitation that I leave that night to find some food.

My journey takes me near a strange house with strange sounds coming out of it. I have realised I am in werewolf territory just as the first one bounds through the doors. He is tall, ugly, covered in thick pungent hair and with a short, smashed in snout. I turn tail and run, try to fly away, clamber up a a tree to escape. He can only just reach me, but one lone claw drags across my skin, with a thin trail of red welling up behind it.

When I get back to Ben it is apparent that I am a werewolf. I am determined to be different, not to be an animal, so I chain myself up, but somewhere along the line Ben gets cut too. I have choppy memories of weeks spent in a chamber, clawing at each other, trapped in corners weeping and bleeding. Then others come to find us, and we end up with a werewolf army. As we leave to take over the town, I am stuck by a great feeling of sorrow, because this is my doing, and even through my werewolf eyes I know that it is bad. It is too late, however, and my clan burst from the rooftops, devouring everything in their path!

Wow, what a convoltued dream eh?!