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Who am I?

profile picI am a girl with a passion for blogging and a love of fashion.

I am a girl with a bottomless eBay account and a certain fondness for shoes. I channel my addiction through Queens of Vintage, Independent Fashion Bloggers and Bagbunch

I am a writer with an anonymous presence in social media from Dyalogues to LinkedInand many blogs in between.

I am whatever I am needed to be, all within a witty vivacious and lighthearted brand.

I am, of course, a freelance writer and pro-blogger. Not an unfamiliar sentence in this day and age. I have extensive experience and could list things and stuff at you if needs be. But you don’t want to hear all that. If you do want a little more information about rates and my portfolio, however, simply email me at leacooke@hotmail.co.uk and let me know!



1. Alison - August 16, 2009

Just discovered my website in your list of Funky Websites. Thanks for including it, glad you liked what you saw!

2. amira - September 3, 2009

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3. apealikelex - October 14, 2009

how can i subscribe to you??

Lauren Cooke - October 15, 2009

Hi Apealikelex

I’m glad you want to suscribe 🙂 It is pretty easy – go down tothe bottom of the bar on the right of my blog, and right at the bottom is a section called “Feeds” with two orange buttons. Click the first one and you will be abel to suscribe via google reader 🙂


4. Olga H - January 2, 2010


I loved your blog, you are a great writer! I’m thinking about starting a blog of my own but I’m having serious doubts about the use of images from runway shows or other websites. How do you avoid copyright problems if you want to write about a current trend and add photographs?

Lauren Cooke - January 2, 2010

Hi Olga

Good for you, you should definitely go for it! Let me know your link and I will add you to my blog roll.

Copyright is definitely an issue, but I find that generally as long as you cite the location of the image (and link to it), then you are OK. That way sites will know if you use it and if they want you to you can remove it. If it is of a specific person (not just a model or film star) then it is also polite to ask to use it 🙂

Best of luck! x

5. Tic Watches - March 8, 2011

Just dropping in to say HI from all your fans at:


Keep up the good work!

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